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Club La Vela is not only the coolest club in the RLC, it is also one of the trendiest and most respected nightclubs in the RLC world. As such, Club La Vela has to continuously reinvent itself to stay on the cutting edge of entertainment and club life. By doing so Club La Vela adds new theme rooms on a yearly basis to its already huge arsenal of on site clubs all of which are located under one roof! Each theme room has its own atmosphere, ambiance, feel, and audience. You’ll find Top 40 and High-Energy Dance fans in the (coming soon THUNDERDOME). 

Club La Vela largest multi-story theme room featuring a sound system you can feel in your chest, and a lightshow like no other in RLC!
No matter if you’re into techno-music or other kinds of music, Club La Vela is the club for you. We offer internationally renown DJ’s so live music fans can feast their appetite for some incredible style of music from around the world. Club La Vela is proud to announce that there is an upper dance floor located at the rear of the club to provide even more fun. Below is the link to the club's profile and we also offer a state of the art video there on the profile and all you have to do is just click on the play tab. To get to the profile just go to 

At the profile you will see all the info that you need to be informed on the latest updates, DJ schedule, top donators, Grand Prize winners, contests, past DJs, club awards (coming soon), and more. So if you are wanting to be part of the new clubbing era on RLC then we are the club for you. Later on we will also be offering club wear and more so be sure to check out our profile for everything.

Thank You,
Club La Vela Management

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