How to earn the maximum of rays in each day in the adult online game Red Light Center

Some people want to know how to earn the maximum amount of rays each day. The process is very simple. Here is the breakdown:

  • Log-in to your Social Center account: ®0.25 (earned up to a few times a day)
  • Log-in to Red Light Center: ®1.25 (once per day)
  • Upload a picture: ®1.00 for your first picture, and ®0.25 for each one after that (monthly limits)maximum of 5 per day
  • Rate a picture: ®0.05 (You can earn up to ®3.00 per day rating pictures) 60 pics
  • View a profile: ®0.10 (You can earn up to ®2.00 per day viewing profiles)20 profiles
  • Rate a profile: ®0.10 (You can earn another ®2.00 per day by rating profiles) 20 profiles
  • Rate a blog: ®0.25 (up to ®1.00 per day) 4 blogs rated
  • Post a blog entry: ®1.00 (once per day) You also earn particals of rays .05 for every time your profile is viewed:)

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