BDSM in the adult online game: Red Light Center
Here is a movie that provides a demo of some of the sex features in red light center. In this case i have focused on BDSM.

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How to rate profiles in Red Light Center

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How to Creat Textures in the adult online game Red Light Center

How to Creat Textures in Red Light Center - Click here for another funny movie.

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Adult online game TV. Amigos do Red Light Center

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net
How I buid my profile in the adult online game Red Light Center

A lot of newbie’s but also «old rats» on RLC don’t know how to build a nice profile. Here under we gave some hints to do that.

Basic system

  • • First you click the “My profile” key on the top right of your home page.

  • A page appear with 9 sections: Quote, About Me, Who I'd Like to Meet, Other Profile Links, Interests, My Favorite Websites, Music, Movies, and Books.

  • The space available on each section is 5000 characters, except for the 1st one limited to 50 characters and the 4th and the 6th one reduced to 500 characters.

  • How do I put a nice background on my profile ?
    There are two ways to do that:
  • You will find sites on the internet which provide embedded codes for ready made backgrounds
    Exemple:,,, etc.
    Or put ”myspace background” or “myspace layouts” in a search engine.

  • If you want to make your background more personnel and exclusive you can use any picture stored on your computer. For that you have to go to the site:
    Follow the instruction specified on the site
    In both cases you need to copy the resulting code with the commands Ctrl c (copy) and Ctrl v (paste) in the “about me section”. WARNING: for the background you only can use the “about me” section

How to add some pictures or quotes in your profile ?
Same system as here above, but you can use nearly every section of the profile except the 1st one. The 4th and the 6th one are quickly overload.
Popular site for pictures and quotes:,, etc.

How I put a picture on my profile ?
This picture must be on the hard disk of your computer of course.
Here you have two options:, or
The first one is very selective about nude pictures (hardcore or not) or copyright pictures. The will remove it in the following days from your list, so the pictures will be replaced by an ugly little square and a red x. Imageshack is more tolerant and takes more time to target the faulty pictures. You have to know that in both case you are building up your personnel gallery on these sites. If you put the “naughty” pictures to “invisible for the public” on the imageshack site, they will cancelled them and they will remain in your profile.

It’s important that you choose the right picture size: 600x800 will fit into the wide of the bulletin column; 1024x768 will enlarge the space to the right. It also depend from the quality of your picture.

How I put a play list on my profile
  • Step 1: Go to the site or equivalent. You need to open an account (free). Here for you need to follow the instruction on the site.

  • Step 2: Make a choice of your favorite music by search your favorite composers or tines in the search window. The list position is not very important, as you can change it afterwards.

  • Step 3: When your list is finished you select the code option, and copy this code with /c and /v to your Music section on your profile.

How I put a video on my profile
That’s even easier as the former one. The most popular sites are (for general subjects), and (for hot video’s)
Every movie or clip has an embedded code on the right. Copy it (Ctrl c and Ctrl v). Unfortunately some clips have a copyright - the code will be replaced by the mention: “Embedding disabled by request”

How I put glitter text or other moving items on my profile
A very useful file for this is:
They will propose you all sorts of text generators.

How can I enhance the text on my profile ?
This is probably the hardest part of the job. You need to know the basics of the CSS language/ The CSS language is an html code. With this you are able to manipulate ever text block in different ways. (You can have a first lesson on
Here a list of simple codes :
• Change text to BOLD: <-b>your text<-/b> ( remove - )
• Change line : your text<-/br> ( remove - )
• Change paragraph: your text<-/p> ( remove - )
• Define the color of text: <-head>
<-style type="text/css">
h3{-color: #00ff00}
<-h3>your text<-/h3>
(remove - )

• Put a text or an image in the center: <-center>Your text or your picture<-/center>
You can find site on the net which tell you more about CSS codes
The code 00FF00 is a color code. You can find the list of color codes on

How can I send a code in a message on RLC ?
If you send a code in a normal way, it will arrive at destination as a picture, a music list, a text generator, etc. But if you wish that your correspondent receive the code in characters you need to use a translate program. You will find this at:
Follow the instructions on the site and copy the final result to the message board of your correspondent.

If you find any mistake in the here above overview or you want to add more information, please feel free to send us a note. (They will be added with the author of the alteration.)

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Working Girl/Guy Rules in Red Light Center

Hello Everyone,

As many of you may have noticed, Red Light Center have a badge that has been popping up in Red Light Center, and that is the “Working Girl/Guy”. This badge has been provided for those who wish to participate in the virtual sex trade, by providing a service in exchange for Ray’s.

Now that we know what is being done, the question is bound to arise “Where can we do it?” Red Light Center has approved the following areas for the solicitation of sex for Rays;

The BareBack Bordello
The Fantasy Hotel
Night Candy
The Alley
Faster Pussycat

It is only in these approved areas that the Working Girl/Guy badge is to be used. Any users found outside of these areas, while under the Working Girl/Guy badge, will receive a warning and asked to return to the allocated areas. Further violation of this rule will also lead to a fine, and a subsequent ban and optional account cancelation.

Solicitation of sex for Ray's is not to be conducted in private businesses as well, unless the business has approved the solicitation and submitted a request to Red Light Center

Solicitation of sex for Ray’s is not to be conducted in the general chat at all. The badge is there to show those interested that you are available to provide the service, and any transaction which is to be conducted must be done in a private message between the parties involved. Any Working Girl/Guy who is found to be in violation of this rule will first receive a warning. A second violation will result in a predetermined Ray fine which will be deducted from the violating users account. Any further violations will result in a ban with an optional cancellation of the account.

It is also Red Light Center policy not to get involved with any disputes regarding the failure to pay for services, so buyer and seller beware. Red Light Center has created a new section in our forum board which is intended to help prevent such problems called:

Virtual Escort Review Board

In this forum users will be able to express any comments or concerns.

As it has been stated earlier, This badge is only to be used in the solicitation of sex for Ray’s, if a user wishes to conduct business in this manner for real world currency please contact our business development management team at
If any users have any questions regarding what has been outlined here please let us know.


Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

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Red Light Center. Status Update in the adult online game: May 2008

A lot has happened since my last Status Update, and I’m finally coming up for some air. I’m planning to discuss what we’ve done, and what we’re focusing on now, next and in the longer term.


At long last, we have a stable new set of software to run the server. The Utherverse 3D Client has also been significantly modified.

In addition to all the changes that users see to Red Light Center and Virtual Vancouver themselves, there have been major security improvements and major improvements to the architecture so that we can scale to multiple servers and, in theory, an unlimited number of users.

Those of you who have been here for a while no doubt remember when the server was crashing for hours at a time, several times a week (sometimes, several times a day!)

I can’t promise that we won’t ever crash again, but the system now is much more reliable. In theory, it shouldn’t crash

While we were working on writing all this new code, we moved the Forums onto their own new system. Now the Forums are more stable (notwithstanding the other day, arg.); and they are able to be expanded in the future with tighter integration with the social center and the World.

We finally added in some long-awaited features - Slow Dancing, Salsa Dancing and Save Outfits, among others.

There have been lots of new regions that have been added in, and many older regions that have been upgraded and reworked. We’ve also added the Working Girl/Guy Directory, a professional site for Premium Working G’s to create a profile, list their rates, services and schedule, to verify that they are who they say, and to allow clients to leave feedback.


The last two months have been a full-court-press to squash the bugs, big and small, that had been causing users to be unable to access the new RLC or to be unhappy with it.

The last three weeks have been particularly intense, as more and more stress was added to the new code, and as we tried to polish every last detail that we could. There are still some users who can’t log in, and there is still some polishing to do, but the lag and chat problems have been mostly solved. The number of patches and server reboots will be going down substantially, and the performance is finally where we’ve been hoping that it would be!

So, now it is time for me to give a few people some much needed time to catch their breath, and start working at a normal pace for a few weeks – and to secure the foundation of Utherverse

That means that much of our effort over the next few weeks will be to add tools for customer support and technical support. We’ll be adding tools for World Operations and World Development, too. We’re going to work on the variety of issues that are preventing the last of our friends from joining us on the new server, and generally fine tune the company.

This period will let us beef up our ability to provide support and growth moving forward.

The entire team over here has really worked hard these past few months, and they’ve put up with a lot of strain and abuse. All of the Volunteers have done a remarkable job at holding things together across two servers that were both suffering from major technical issues, and I can’t say enough about how their Big Boss, Mr. T, has been able to keep the world running so smoothly while he and the volunteers were missing the major tools that they needed. Hat’s off to T!

Ditto for Anna and all the Events Team, who had to deal with huge problems during important events, and who had to deal with so many unanticipated delays and problems in bringing up the new businesses, as well as the upgrades to existing businesses! Thankfully, this is all getting caught up!

I also have to express huge gratitude for Tana who held together customer support support across two worlds and also without all the tools that her department needed.

All of the staff and all of the volunteers deserve a big congratulations, and they have one from me! They also deserve a few weeks of “normal” operations before we return to a new round of rapid growth and progress…

In the meantime, we’ll continue to see the rewards from this last round of work.

Between May 14 and May 18 we will be hosting the New Music West music festival in Virtual Vancouver. We’re going to try to pull off a broadcast of more than 100 bands over 4 days into various clubs and the Amphitheater! (I think it’s going to feel like we’re in a final episode of The Apprentice, and it should be a blast!)

In the next week, we are going to be opening an entire new virtual world, Rude World! This is the first of a planned series of virtual worlds that will be owned and operated by third party companies that will be attached to Red Light Center and Virtual Vancouver. Rude World will be available to be developed and to rent out space, and to have features and rules that are different from Utherverse. I’m hopeful that by adding this “competition” to ourselves, we’ll start to get more flavors out of Utherverse

Also next week we should be adding F-F slow and salsa dancing, which will be shortly followed by M-M dancing (which is giving the animators a harder time than anticipated).

We have some big new hardware that is coming online in the next two weeks. Another huge new database server, a much faster storage array (to speed up the social center), and several new world servers. As we add the new world servers to the mix, we will finally be running RLC across multiple servers, so that even if one were to crash, users won’t be booted, and things should continue to run smoothly. (This is new code that works in theory. We’re going to be testing it out much more extensively on QA, but as always, when it is released, there may be a few, ah, bumps. Hopefully not many)…


Two big new features are next on the development boards. Most of the work on them is completed, and we should have them rolling out in a Beta release by the first or second week in June. Here’s what they are, and what they’ll be like:


These are user apartments. Every VIP user will be given a Zaby that they will be able to furnish and decorate as they wish, but there is a lot more than just that!

Zabys can be decorated with pictures from your profile or the web. The walls can be adorned with web pages, web images, flash, and streaming live video and audio. Each room can be designed and customized to your desire by choosing whatever you like from our enormous selection of objects, props and textures.

We’re expecting that Zabys will be a new kind of social network, where, instead of just visiting your profile, friends can actually stop by your place. They’ll run into you and your other friends, and they’ll meet one another and socialize. They can leave you messages or notes. You can host parties or events, and come up with all kinds of other uses that we’ve probably never even dreamed of!

Upgrades from the standard Zaby will include larger Zabys, outdoor patios, and luxury Zabys. These will all be available for a monthly fee in Rays (whereas a standard Zaby will be included for free with your VIP membership).

A new kind of occupation will quickly emerge in RLC, which is the interior designer. These will be people who specialize in decking out a custom Zaby for users.

We expect that the upgraded Zabys and the interior designers will add whole new ways for Rays to be used, and by allowing upgraded Zabys for a monthly rental fee charged in Rays, Utherverse will be able to create an increased demand for Rays.

Cover Charge

To encourage clubs and other businesses in Utherverse to offer increasingly more interesting and entertaining events, we will soon allow private businesses to charge a “Cover Charge” to attend an event in their region.

By providing a way for these private businesses to earn Rays, we’re expecting to see an explosion of increasingly popular musicians playing in Utherverse Clubs, along with such activities and events as: classes, comedy, dating events, and all kinds of other premium activities that any user, promoter or club owner can put together.

Also, by adding the Cover Charge feature, not only will businesses have a new revenue stream for Rays, but there will again be a new reason and increased demand for Rays.


A while back, I had promised that we will be giving out bonus Rays for all the users who have helped us in testing out our software while it was suffering from our growing pains.

We haven’t had the software working to the point where those growing pains were done; and I didn’t want to dump a large number of Rays out into the community until there were a number of great things to spend them on. (Without going into detail, unless there was a good way to keep control of the “money supply” adding Rays to the economy could result in a loss of value for Rays. We are very conscious of how the economy is operating, and we don’t want to cause this kind of event).

I am now planning to issue the Bonus Rays at the end of an official party that will celebrate that the Uthervese software is out of Pre-Beta and officially into Beta stage! That party will happen after the release of Zabys and Cover Charge; and after those features have proven to be stable, and that the server and client have proven to be stable.

If all goes well, it will be in June : )


Okay, so conspicuously absent from this update has been any mention of sex. That’s unusual for me, since I usually talk about sex all the time LOL. No, really, what I mean is that we have been talking about and showing off 3-Way sex for a few months, and I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that 3-Way sex is much harder to implement than we thought it would be. Getting three avatars to interact the way we want requires us to build a new kind of sex system, which is different from any of the current systems we have built so far.

What this means, basically, is that this is a very big project, and we just weren’t able to put resources onto it while everyone was working to get the software working and to put in all the necessary features to have it run properly.

It is not yet decided as to whether we will be able to make 3-Way sex work without tackling another MAJOR project that involves rewriting most of the Client code. I will let everyone know once we have a decision on that, but at this point, there is no timeframe for actually making 3-Way sex available.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we are going to be releasing a whole new kind of sex shortly! The ability to have “Standing Sex” has been created, and it will be getting tested over the next few weeks. Standing Sex will allow sex in many more places (not just on a bed). You can do it in the shower, against the wall, or just about anywhere that sex is allowed (if you have strong arms that is : ).


This is the summary of what we’ve been up to, and what the near term is going to look like. I know that we’ve talked about delivering on a lot of stuff for a long time, but now that this round of software rewrite is finally ending, we have actually been able to deliver on a few gems. Although there are always risks to predicting timelines, I am now able to be more confident when I say that these new features really are rolling off the assembly line, and will be in your homes soon.

Thanks to everyone for sticking things out when the times were hardest!

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Adult online game TV - Lesbain love in Red Light Center

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net
Adult online game TV: The Night Prowler - movie made in Red Light Center

The Night Prowler - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net