What is RLC?

Well to some this is a game to be played like many other MMORPGs, to others this is their social life and to others this is a "safe dating" environment.

Well I have to tell you that I really am tired of hearing that this is just a game.

All of the ppl that think this is just a game, either have no heart or they think that on the other side of the computer screen is a robot without feelings.

To all of you players out there and you know who you are, I tell you that there are many ladies that have sat and shed real tears because you had tossed them aside without a word or lied to them and told them some great story about you helping a friend or someone in need.

I can only say that the person you are here in this world is not really that far off from the person you are in real life.

You should take a good long look at yourself.

In this place real ppl make friends, find love, get a broken heart, lose friendships they value and share with a person they have come to trust things that have affected them in their real everyday lives.

This is just as it is stated "A Social Network for Adults".

In this world we find there are ppl that in real life that would be classified as a stalker (ppl that put you on their friend list without asking or sending a request in order to find you anywhere you may be in the RLC world), then you have those that are rude and ignorant that speak before they think and cause others pain with their words or actions, then you have the friends (ppl that really want to be your friend and they don’t care what you do in real life or what letters you have in front or behind your name they only see the person you really are; the one that comes from the mind and heart of the person on the other side of the computer screen, using a keyboard to express themselves to you.) and then there is the person you fall in love with (you have a strong pull to this person and you look forward to being with them. Your day seems to have more meaning and your troubles seem less when they are near. All you want to do is be with this person anyway you can.)

So to all of you ppl that still have no clue that this is more then just a game, I feel sorry for you.

Although I do ask that if you think before you speak and allow others the freedom to enjoy this world the way they choose to.

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