Why Red Light Center tops Second Life

Yup, that’s right. There are 2 categories in which RLC surpasses SL:


1) PORN: If there’s a place in SL where you can post X-Rated photos, I haven’t found it yet. Of course, we all had our fave web porn sites before Red Light Center came along, and they are still ‘functional’, to be sure.
I’m continually fascinated by the fact that so many people (especially female!) get a kick out of posting lewd photos of themselves in cyberspace, for ANYONE to look at, from the horndog who lives down the street to your white-collar co-workers, and even your boss. Is it a show of defiance that women ARE equal in today’s world, in bed as in all other places? And do women masturbate while gazing at pics of their own bodies? ‘Self-Porn’ probably is a modern form of self-expression, I guess, like tattoos, or body bling. I welcome your thoughts on this, ladies. Guys, on the other hand, usually post dick shots separate from face shots. Maybe it’s just a lack of imagination, or perhaps they just realize that a full length body shot shows how insignificant their little pecker really is, in the grand context of things! Ha ha.

But I wonder if the glut of porn pics in Red Light Center has any direct correlation to the amount of vulgarity present in so many of the meetings and confrontations there? In Second Life, when you meet someone, their sexual proclivites are not as easily evident, except for the physical appearance and dress of their avatars *chuckle*. Yes, Virignia, you CAN act out your ‘Big Boob Fantasy’ in Second Life *wicked grin*. But there are so many NON-sexual places to meet people in Second Life, that you’re never sure if the person you just met is looking for more than friendship. Of course there are tons more sex clubs, locker rooms and dungeons also, where the preliminary discussions can be decidedly more perfunctory lol!

2) BLOGGING: The good news is that there ARE places for blogging in Second Life. The bad news is that almost nobody reads them *frown*. They generally get about 50,000 people on-line at any given time (versus 1,200 or maybe 2,000 in Red Light Center), yet I posted a blog on SLbuzz (one sight among many where you can ‘blog’), and I received only 40 hits in a week. My Gawd, you can get that many comments, let alone hits, per week on your blogs in Red Light Center! And I know it was a ‘decent’ blog, ‘cause it was one that I published 6 months ago in Red Light Center lol!

Part of the problem is that there is no one place, like the ‘social profiles’ webspot of Red Light Center, to post things. Second Life is so gigantic that many, many correlative websites have sprung up around it. Heck, some are used just to sell clothes and toys for use in Second Life! And part of the problem is that so many Red Light Center blogs are concerned with PROBLEMS encountered in Red Light Center, while there is little ‘need’ for such blogs in Second Life. Another reason is that with the server problems in Red Light Center you have a lot more time on your hands *heh heh*.

And what do I really think? It’s the SIZE of the worlds, luv! In Red Light Center, you are posting for your friends, who (at least in your own mind) make up a fair percentage of the total population; while in Second Life, it seems more like you are trying to publish the New York Times, instead of a small-town weekly newspaper ‘gossip’ column *chuckle*. Now you CAN send a notice to all your friends in Second Life, or all the members of a particular club or social group (or even several of them), BUT – you are restricted to 500 words or less *big, big frown*. For crying out loud, that’s not enough time to even say “Hello”, let alone elicit some humor (humour, across The Pond) and/or some pathos. Why, I would’ve been cut off two paragraphs before this…..and some of you are probably wishing I was *big grin, lmao* At least NOW you know why so many of us SLers still return to Red Light Center on a frequent basis – to the websight, at least, if not the cyberworld itself – we need our daily ‘fix’!

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Adult online game TV: Mid week RLC news

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Adult online game TV: RLC News Sunday Edition

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Adult online game TV: RLC News Weekend edition

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

Adult online game TV: Midweek news july 23 2008

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Sex and the city (of RLC)

Why are people coming to RLC ? Some of us came for friendship, others to kill loneliness, others to tell their convictions to the world and a lot come for SEX. Yes, yes the most used words in the search engines on the web.

Virtual sex and sometimes with extensions…

Nothing wrong about that and no risk getting HIV or other nasty things (exept a sore wrist).
Nevertheless it’s a powerful mental play and, as Utherverse tells us, a way to extend our fantasies.

But what about the form ? Some users think that there are no boundaries exept those of the 2 dimensions. Of course as in real life we are confronted with all sorts of people with a different cultural and educational back ground, but generally speaking I find personally and especially amongst the male population a very primitive approach of sex in RLC. I am sure that most of the ladies around here heard the words: “Wana fuck” or “Somebody like to go to a room with me” so many times. It seems that most of the women around are just considered as regular hookers walking down the Red light area (That’s why Utherverse call it “the new server”, to sound more civilized). Some of the men (or women) are surprised or angry when you don’t jump at once and run to the first available room for a “Wang, Bang, Thank you Ma'am”.
It’s not the fact to play “hard to catch”, but a gentle approach, a nice chat using personal charm are a part of a sensual play. Perhaps you will not get laid at the first date, but that will only make the play more enjoyable.

Recently I heard a guy complain about the fact that so many girls around are lesbian or at least bi, perhaps that’s the answer to it.

And what about the people who use a picture of their private parts as their default picture ? Well…I have nothing against the fact that they like to show their brains, perhaps next time they can try a picture of their empty head for a change. By the way concerning “oversized cocks” I noticed that some “personal pictures” are the same on several profiles, so no need to fool the world, we are not stupid.

Sensuality ! I know we are not all virtuosos of hot chat during sex but for me a partner who got his left hand hitting madly the speed chat keys and his right hand under his desk, is boring as hell. I have to admit that in that case I occupy myself to read profiles and occasionally hitting a “oh!”, a “harder!” or a “I am coming !” key to remember him (or her) my presence in the room.

Well perhaps my critics are without mercy, but I found that too many people around just think they can treat people like sh.. and forget that they deal with real people behind their keyboards.

Have fun and take care.

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Adult online game TV:RLC News 22 July 2008

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What's the problem with greenies?

There's a bulletin doing the rounds at the moment about people picking on greenies and being rude to them. Someone suggests, in the added text, that all of us are guilty of arrogance towards greenies in one way or another.

Well you know, I don't think I am. Because I was one once, and I still remember being taught how to kiss by a lovely working girl. It made a big impression on me.

I always try to be polite, and if someone approaches me I'll always respond if I see the question. I've spent many happy times teaching new people how to kiss, and dance, and juggle. And okay, you might say that my obsessive love of kissing means I have an ulterior motive, but that would be mean. Stop it! I do it because I like to talk to people, and make new friends.

And guess what? On a few occasions now, someone has come up to me as a VIP and said that they remembered me befriending them as greenies. And I've had some fun times with them as VIPs too.

So be nice. It costs nothing, and you will almost certainly be rewarded further down the line. And if you see a greenie looking lost, or one says hello to you, why not try talking to him or her?

Of course, I will add that greenies are just as capable of rudeness as VIPs. If the conversation opener is "want sex?", I'll politely decline and walk away, no matter who is asking. I'm a nice girl. I like to be wooed.

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Rude World Launch - Today July 17, 2008 6pm

Today is the day. Doors to Rude World open at 6pm PST with a Grand Opening Party scheduled for 7pm - 12am PST on the Rude Yacht Deck. Join us for music, dancing and games tonight with the Utherverse Events Team all weekend long as we celebrate the launch of Rude World!!!!

*Access to Rude will be located in the RLC Transport Center.

Schedule for the Celebration:
THURSDAY – July 17th

7pm-12mid: Rude World Grand Opening Party with the Events Team
8pm-9pm: Truth or Dare with Drew80
9pm-10pm: General Trivia with _SCOOTER_
10pm-11pm: Music Trivia with Infowiz
11pm-12mid: Street Game with K3EBabe

FRIDAY – July 18th
7pm-10pm: Yacht Club Dance Contest with _CesarAlex_ and K3EBabe
8pm-9pm: NewlyWed Game with _ItsAlan_ and _ItsBetsey_
9pm-10pm: Street Race with K3EBabe
10pm-11pm: Street Game with Infowiz

SATURDAY – July 19th
12noon-3pm: Loud Tshirt Dance Contest with Batski and _Sappy_ featuring DJ Batski
6pm-10pm: Yacht Club Live Party featuring DJ _CesarAlex_
7pm-8pm: Street Game-Hi-Lo with _SCOOTER_
8pm-9pm: Match Game with Infowiz

SUNDAY – July 20th
12noon-3pm: Dating Game with Batski and _Sappy_ featuring DJ Batski
4pm-5pm: Street Game with _ItsAlan_
6pm-10pm: Yacht Club Live Party with featuring DJ _CesarAlex_ and Infowiz

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Rates, friendship, social contact.

Before I say anything else I need to thank all the girls (and boys) who put some rates on my profile and pictures. But I need to tell you that I don’t care much about the rank of my sexiness, lol. I just hope you can make a lot of rays by rating my pictures. To be honest I prefer to have a nice comment, that tells me more about the friend who send it.

As you all know I am not very keen on labels. We can consider ourselves lucky that Red Light Center give us a rank as: “slut” instead of “Sergeant Major of sexiness”.

I appreciate when people congratulate me on the appearance of my profile, as I put a lot of work in it, but for me it’s the friendship that counts. An attention, a “hi, great to see you” or even “how are the Bad Girls going ?” is a sign that people remember me and have hopefully some good thoughts about our last encounter. (Don’t send me a box of chocolate, I am on a diet.)

For me rates of galleries are based on the “peeping Tom” effect and if you are an assiduous user of the web, you are always able to build up the sexiest gallery in RLC, even without any personal picture. We don’t have to fool ourselves, this is a way to express “love me please”, and there is nothing wrong about that, on the contrary, if we are honest to ourselves we are all here to seek for something we are missing in the real world.

But what I find pathetic is the people, who get angry, when people don’t rate their profile enough. (And not only girls) There are enough narcissistic places on the net for that.

I admit that I have a long friends list and several people, I met, asked me about that. Don’t forget I am going to celebrate my one year on RLC, this Friday. (Talking about addiction). My friends list is a bit my RLC agenda: It’s a list of my close friends, my friends, my acquaintances and … the people I like to keep an eye on, lol). So needless to say that RLC is not just» a game” it’s a place for social contact (like SL, IMVU, the jewel of Indra, etc.). In today’s world it’s just a new media where people come to express their emotions and feelings. It’s a perfect escape from reality as long as you keep your feet on the earth. If you go on the emo tour, please put a step backwards, it will keep us all away from drama.

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Q&A Brian Shuster Red Light Center

The founder of Utherverse talks about creating the controversial Red Light Center, the red-light-district version of Second Life—complete with virtual sex and drugs.

Q: Can you briefly explain Red Light Center?

A: It's an adult virtual world that also leverages Web 2.0 features. Users start by creating an avatar and online profile. In terms of a virtual world, there's an unprecedented number of experiences that users can have, everything from a highly social environment—people making friends and hanging out—all the way to extreme adult situations. It's really a wonderful platform, for example, for sexual experimentation.

Q: You're marketing it as more of an "adult" experience, but are people using this site for more casual encounters?

A: The adult side is obviously a significant component, but it's not the primary feature. The primary feature is an immersive virtual world. We find that it's the main focus when people first arrive—they want to have all kinds of sexual encounters, but that rapidly diffuses to the priority that it's given in real life, which is that the community has its own standards. It's become inappropriate for people to be naked in the street.

Q: What was the thinking behind the virtual drug experiment?

A: As an adult community, and being patterned after Amsterdam, we introduced virtual marijuana. Users really enjoyed the experience of going into a café and taking a hit on a hookah—particularly with the movements and visual effects.

Q: Do you see this as glorifying these drugs, in a way?

A: Well, I don't think they need any glorification from us. They're pretty high-profile. This is an opportunity for people to experiment in a safe environment.

Q: Are you also showing the negative effects of these virtual drugs?

A: It depends on what you mean by "negative effects." We have a "Sober" button. So, if at any time, you decide that you need your avatar to be straight, you just hit a button and it's straight. After users have had that experience several times, if they then turn around and experiment in the real world and realize that there's no Sober button, it may pull them back to just wanting to use these drugs virtually.

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Adult online game TV:RLC Start Week News

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

brief update by Brian

This is a brief update by Brian about where things currently stand in RLC

    We are releasing/have released a new patch today that includes the 3-Way sex functions that were tested in QA over the past week. There is a party in the Passion Pit tomorrow where everyone is invited to check it out

    Our third major Utherverse connected virtual world, Rude Virtual World, is scheduled to open to the public in one week, on July 17!

    We fell behind, hopefully for the last time, on Zabys due to several issues that befell the development team. In other words, a few unforeseen emergencies, personal crisis and technical problems significantly impacted the final stage of development. Obviously, Zabys did not get into the QA patch as anticipated. They are now scheduled to get into QA either on July 17 (which somehow seems doubtful to me, since that is the opening day for Rude Virtual), or Tuesday, July 22. I know that this seems like an endless series of delays, but I’m also … oh, hey, look over there! What’s that shiny new thing??? Is it 3-Way sex??? What was I talking about again? Oh, I forget

    Seriously, though, we are really trying to get Zabys out, and we are back to making very good progress.

    On top of all of that, we are tracking down a new server bug that seems to be causing some new chat lag and hung sessions. If it isn’t fixed in the patch today, we will probably need to restart the servers once or twice a day until we do fix it.

    We are also dealing with a power issue to our primary network cage. After installing all of the new servers and storage equipment, we discovered that one of our power regulators was overtaxed. At least two of the recent server outages were caused by this power problem, and so the new equipment was ordered and is arriving tomorrow. That should fix some of the unscheduled server restarts.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. July is going to be a great month!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I plan to

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Red Light Center in the mainstream media.

Many publications about Utherverse have been released in the mainstream media. Highlights:

www.canada.com/theprovince, Friday, October 12, 2007Pioneer picks city for X-rated websitehttp://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=1f508802-b757-4e7b-bde2-27fe52e668f5

www.canada.com, Vancouver Currier, October 3rd, 2007Get naked and party in Virtual Vancouverhttp://www.canada.com/vancouvercourier/news/story.html?id=3dce2e43-afc6-455f-85e2-0cd4d9230b0e&k=47030

blog.drugpolicy.org, April 20th, 2007.Virtual Reality: A Gateway to Harm Reduction?http://www.canada.com/vancouvercourier/news/story.html?id=3dce2e43-afc6-455f-85e2-0cd4d9230b0e&k=47030

www.technologyreview.com, April 25th, 2007Are Virtual Drugs a Gateway to the Real Thing? http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/garfinkel/17591/

www.informationweek.com, December 4, 2006 12:00 AMIT Confidential: Turn On Your Virtual Red Light http://www.informationweek.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=196600996

Reuters July 26th, 2006'Adult' Web company launches MySpace-styled site
CNET.com July 26th, 2006"Adult Social Networking Site Utherverse.com Debuts" http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-6098911-7.html

XBIZ.com July 26th, 2006"Erotic networking site hopes to deter minors with 'adult' label" http://www.xbiz.com/news/16186

RedHerring.com June 17th, 2006"The founders of an online virtual community for adults explain their business"
Washington Post June 4th, 2006"To Broaden Fan Base, Game Creators Consider New Genres" http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/06/02/AR2006060201706.html

Reuters June 8th, 2006"Online video games set to get X-rated"
Wired Online "Sex in Games: It's a Turn On" http://www.wired.com/culture/lifestyle/multimedia/2006/06/71136

MyWay.com May 8th, 2006"World's First Massively Multi-User Erotica Community Debuted.
Adult Chamber May 9th, 2006"RedLightCenter.com Debuts Multi-User Erotica Community"
Game Daily Biz May 16th, 2006"RedLightCenter.com Integrates Female Intimacy" http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/news/?id=12705

XBiz May 18th, 2006"RedLightCenter’s 3D Site Offers Sex, Retail Shopping"
KRON 4 May 24th, 2006"Utherverse Corporation Announces Today That It Has Launched a 3D Virtual Overlay to the Internet, and Has Invited the Public to Try It for Free"
Action Magazine May 18th, 2006"Sexy Sim Community Goes Online"
Tech Web May 19th, 2006"Adult-Only 3D Online Community Launches"
AVN Online May 8th, 2006"RedLightCenter.com Offers ‘Virtual Sex’ and Shopping In-Home" http://www.xbiz.com/news/15038

Yahoo.com May 8th, 2006"World's First Massively Multi-User Erotica Community Debuted: RedLightCenter.dk"
Wired Magazine April, 2006"4 places to go for more than foreplay" http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/14.04/adults.html

Clean Sheets.com February 22nd, 2006"Got Game? - Playing Around with Sex" http://www.cleansheets.com/coverstories/dean_02.22.06.shtml

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

Adult online game TV: Weekend news for RlC 12 th July 2008

How to deal with newbies

Since a few weeks, masses of newbie’s touch down in RLC.

It’s very rare now that any of these new users rely on a guide. Most of them heard through the grapevine about RLC and risk a free fall in an unknown environment.

Yesterday when I arrived in the transport room and stay there for a little while, to check my mail and friends list, I was pm’d twice and got one friend request, all out of the blue.

I took the time to explain to these newcomers how to proceed in RLC to gain a kind of popularity.

At least with 2 of them I had the impression that my words sound snobbish and I guessed they were not going to follow my advice.

I have to say that in the approach of this Utherverse site, there are not much written guidelines to a proper conduct in RLC.

What attitude are we going to show to newbie’s?
It’s important, as the first contact of a new user will gave him or her, a first impression of the site.

Ignore newbie’s ? Not really the solution. Remember your own situation, how helpless you felt the first couple of hours, certainly for those who didn’t had any 3D chat room experience before. How will they learn if you don’t reply? Of course there are people who will never learn. (That’s why I always check their arrival date on the site.)

Rebuff them ? Mmm, perhaps you will regret that later and it’s not a good thing for your reputation.

Take your time to explain a basic code of conduct ? That very generous of you, if you have to time to spend. But don’t expect too much, some of the newbie’s don’t have a clue what it’s all about, and never forget that we come out of different environment and education, so the response will be different in every case. It’s anyway an ungrateful task and you don’t have always the time to do it.

Troublemakers of any kind As long as 3D chat rooms exist, they will be there. If rudeness is the main word from the beginning you need to be firm in you reply and if necessary follow the RLC standard procedures in such cases (Stay calm, don’t enter in their game of roughness, try to bring them to a better behavior, keep the argument in pm, and if needed call for a protector, etc.). You cant’ ignore such cases as they will lead to a constant harassment of other users, as long as they didn’t realize that RLC is not the place for such a behavior.

Lines such as “Wana fuck?” or “Any girls wants a good fuck ?” I suppose you heard them a lot. If it’s said in general chat, the silence that follows will teach the nincompoop that he or she is reduced to solitary pleasures. If it’s in pm and it becomes harasment, jumping to general chat is sometimes a way out before starting the standard RLC procedures.

But coming back to the more “civilized users” perhaps it’s useful to have a little ready made text in your archives that you can copy into a message to the newbie, who pm’d you.
I give here a little example, which I made for my own use. You can adapt to your own point of view, but it’s a quick way to give newcomers some thoughts about the situation.

Code of conduct for the newcomer

- Before getting into the chat room take the time to make a comprehensive profile of yourself. (most of the routines read that first before accepting any pm or invitation)

- Put a default picture on your profile, even if it is not yours, it will help other users to remind you.

- Always ask before pm’ing somebody.

- Don’t use CAPS it means shouting and considered as rude if it’s not needed (exept general announcements)

- If you have an argue with somebody, keep it in pm. No need to involve everybody in your personal issues.

- Take “no” for a “NO”, insisting means harasment and can get you in trouble (there are RLC standard proceedings to remedy to such behavior)

- For the public places: Try to use the language of the dim in general chat. RLC rules are strict about that. Complains from a Protector or a Staff member can get you in trouble.

- When you enter a private venue, please respect the internal rules. (try to inform first if they are additional restrictions)

- Don’t be a party pooper, if nobody is responding to your “jokes”, back off, you make yourself ridiculous.

- If you feel a fatale attraction to an other user, think of the real world. It’s not because you are in a virtual world that you can say anything you want. It could end in a virtual slap in your face.

- If you are involved in pm’s, don’t forget now and then to check the general chat. That will avoid the impression that you don’t want to talk to a good friend, who was just stopping by to say hello.

- If you send a friend request from your profile, please add a little greeting note to it. Some long time users will not accept friend requests out of the blue, as they were the cause of a lot of problems in the past (Hacking profile pages, etc.)

It’s a general list you can send to anybody who has a deviant behavior. It’s discreet, there is nothing personal, you don’t make a fuss and the concerned person will easily understand. (Well in most cases…)

Of course that’s my personal list. If anybody has other ideas, please feel free to message me. I will publish any suggestion in a blog.

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Adult online game TV - RLC news for 6/7/2008

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

Adult online game TV - RLC news for 4/7/2008

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

Adult online game TV - news Midweek

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net


Dear Friends

As you all know I am assiduous reader and user of the bulletins. I have my thoughts about the relevancy of certain messages. Of course everybody has his own point of view and I am the last one to judge the motivation of certain authors. So what follows is my personal opinion and perhaps can be a hint when you write your next message to your friends.

What is the meaning of a bulletin ?

It’s a message that will be read only by your friends (the ones on your list). It has to contain information that you want to share with your friends only. (Reposting will be highlighted further). Some of the messages, which are to the interest of every user in RLC, must be launched into the world through the forum, as it is accessible by everyone. Unfortunately we all know that Utherverse forum sucks and as long as there is no efficient moderator, the spam will represent 80% of the messages on that media.

Why I (and others) send music or funny clips through the bulletins ?

I am aware that rl is not always happy for everybody. I just hope that a good tune or a funny picture or clip bring you some moments of happiness like it does for me. I am not promoting anything, don’t’ search for a hidden message behind it. I live in a country were people don’t take themselves too seriously and sarcasm is a national sport. (the old continent, remember) Sometimes I have to be careful to launch some jokes, as they could be misunderstood by people of different culture. So if I ever offend or shocked some people, it was not intentional, just caused by a different sense of humor. I apologize for that.

Reposting messages

I am not a great fan of this system, as it creates for some users a load of spam on their bulletin board. Sometimes it’s necessary, as the message is important for everybody. Think about the relevance of it. I never ask anybody to repost my messages, as I write them in the first place for my friends and acquaintances. If the are relevant for general public I don’t mind you repost them at your own risks (lol).

Quiz and game results

Nearly every day new quiz or games show up on the web. You can find loads of them in the bulletins. To my humble opinion this is more a subject for a blog on your profile. It’s rare that I read them. The quiz based on a name has no sense as it has nothing to do with your personality, it’s just for fun. I admit that I sometimes play this quiz for myself, but I don’t think I ever published one.

Personal Issues

With personal issues we have to be very careful. If the problem is relevant for other users, for instance in case of harassment or misbehavior, it can be a way to warn your friends for unpleasant surprises. But please be careful; always double check your sources. A false information launched, can cause a lot of damage. Anyway don’t forget to follow the normal proceedings according to Utherverse regulations.
Personal problems with a friend or a lover have no place in the bulletins. It will more harm yourself then the person you try to blame. It causes unnecessary drama in RLC and will increase your problem more then solve it.

Political issues

They are quite rare lately. I don’t think they have their place in RLC. Let’s keep it a nice place, there is enough drama in the real world. In rl I have a lot of political concerns, but I keep my opinions to other sites on the web more appropriate for these subjects or put it in your blog as it may tell something about your personality.

info about bugs and hacking

Always double check your info before launching an alert. You look stupid if it concerns a glitch and it can cause reversed damage. (I repost once such an info, and think back with red cheeks)

View my pictures

I am not sure about this. I know that some of you can’t sleep at night when your sexiness rating goes down. (It’s a bit like the stock broker nowadays) Some pictures are really stunning I admit, but I never dropped a friend because her (or his) gallery was poor. Sometimes I have the impression that “view my pictures” means “love me please !”.

Read my blog

I think this is more appropriate as it offers a choice to the reader. The one who will follow the request is already someone who is interested in your opinion. (and it brings you some extra rays).

Announcement and invitation

I plead guilty for that one. It’s probably the cheapest way to keep users in RLC informed about what’s going on. Some of you will consider it as spam but you need to know that besides the forum it’s the best and easiest way to inform your friends.

Artistic expressions

Cultural expression of any kind is always a welcome add in the bulletins. But don’t forget that bulletins are ephemeral. The overflow of bulletins will spoil the necessary attention to your message. I think a blog is perhaps a most steady media for your artistic creation.

A chain of bulletins

Too much bulletins in one go will spoil your message and it cause overflowing bulletin board. People will rarely open your messages, as you are causing a jam on their bulletin board. Why not group them in one message, if possible ? Btw I had to cut this message in two as, the bulletin only allowed 5000 car.

Look how I am happy in SL (Second Life)

Pathetic! If you are happy somewhere else, that very nice. But when nostalgia strikes no need to put it in the paper ! Make up your mind and no remorse.

I repeat, this is strictly my personal view on bulletins. It’s the way I look at them. Please send me your comments, I will gladly make a summary of them and put them in a blog (with or without the name of the author). It could be useful to some new writers.

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net