How to arrange a Full or Express Wedding in Red Light center

In order to arrange a wedding ceremony and/or reception in Utherverse you must fill out the Utherverse Wedding Event Application Form. This form can be found by visiting:

All types of weddings are permitted in Utherverse and there is no restriction on the type of wedding ceremony possible. Some ceremonies performed in Utherverse are: traditional, religious, hand fasting, collaring ceremonies, multiple marriages, group weddings etc. These are only examples of the types of weddings and ceremonies offered in Utherverse; remember you are only limited by your own fantasy.

Wedding Application Fees
-50 rays for the JOP to perform your wedding ceremony
-20 rays for an official Utherverse Wedding Certificate*

Before your wedding can be approved, all fees must be transferred to the following account:
Once your wedding and/or reception fees have been paid, the organization, planning and executing of your event will commence.

There are a numerous amount of both independant and DJ groups available in Utherverse to offer their services for your wedding and/or reception. It is your responsibility to contact a DJ or DJ group to arrange their services for your event. Utherverse Events no longer supplies DJ services for events. Rates may vary.

Waiting Period:
Please note there is a minimum 30 day waiting period for all wedding ceremonies and receptions. All applications must be received no later then 30 days prior to the date of the event. All approved events will be placed in the Utherverse calendar.

Please note: There may be an additional fee to request specific textures for your wedding and/or DJ services. This is to be arranged directly with the texture designer and or DJ and is not the responsibility of the Events Office.

Certain venues are privately licensed and permission must be sought from the owner before an event can be held. This may delay the time in arranging your event. The venue may also be subject to a fee per use for all events. This fee will determined by the individual licenser(s) of that venue. All privately licensed venues are clearly marked in world. Other venues such as Blus, Fever and the Hotel etc. are public and are not subject to any fees for use of the venue. Utherverse Events is more then pleased to help assist in securing an appropriate venue for your event.

All rays for privately licensed venues must be submitted to to arranging your venue.

Special Requests:
All special requests must be made at the time of submission of your application.
Please note:
1-Not all special requests can be honored due to a number of factors, however we will make every effort to accommodate your request
2-All special requests must be made at the time of your submission of the event request application. Failure to do so may result in your request not being honored.
3-Due to technical issues, some requests may not be honored despite pre approval.

Canceling your Event:
In the event that you wish to cancel your wedding and/or reception you must:
1.Inform the Events Office in writing of your intent to cancel by sending an email to: Cancellations must be received at least one week prior to the date of your scheduled wedding and/or reception. A confirmation of cancellation will be sent to you within 24 hours of receiving it.
2.Once the cancellation has been received you will be refunded 50 percent of your initial wedding and/or reception fees. If you do not notify the events office of the cancellation of your event at least least ONE WEEK prior to your scheduled event then you will not receive a refund. Events cancelled with less the one weeks notice are not eligible for a refund of rays.

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_RLC TV_ ®10,000 Rays Giveaway Contest: the leading two
The game is on. Thw movies have made the cut. Check em out and make your vote:


choose what your like, and share with your frineds!

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If Your Zaby prop-edits got Deleted...

From Brian at the forums:

    Numerous users reported today that a change that was made to correct the naming of Penthouse Zabys resulted in a loss of the decorations that they had made to their Zabys.

    If this happened to you, and if you need to have the problem corrected...

    We can do some repair work, but it won't be perfect.

    We did a patch earlier tonight. The first thing that we need for you to do is go to your Zaby, and see if the props are restored.

    If they are, great!

    If they are not, we can restore your Zaby to the way it looked at noon today (9.5 hours ago).

    However, we can only restore on a user-by-user basis, so, after you've checked, if you need your Zaby restored because you lost your edits, please post your username, and the Zaby style that you have in a post below, and confirm that you want your Zaby to be restored. NOTE: any new props you've placed will be deleted when we restore your Zaby to the way it looked at noon.


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Red Light Center mod: Mystika Speed Chat Patch

You and your partner(s) will need to install the patch to hear it.
The patch changes female speed chat and does not interfere with the standard sounds, which you will still hear from others without the patch. The patch does not change male chat, but you will need to install the patch to hear the new female sounds.

Use the windows installer file above & follow instructions.

Use the uninstaller shortcut on your desktop or run the file
Remove Mystika Speed Chat.msi

Get it here

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Bonus Rays, Member Reunion Weekend, Beta Test Announcement!!!

This is just in from Brian:

    Whew! Congrats to the Dev Team! Great job and heartfelt thanks!!

    And now for the news!

    Next weekend, we are going to be celebrating the official announcement that we are no longer in Pre-Beta. We are in Full Phase I Beta Testing as of Friday, October 24!!

    We are celebrating all weekend long, starting on Friday with a HUGE MEMBER REUNION PARTY!!!

    As part of going into Beta, we are going to be giving everyone Bonus Rays! This is our way of thanking you for helping us test, and for hanging in there with us

    Bonus Rays will be given out according to the following schedule (which is subject to change between now and when the Rays are actually given out):

    100 Rays for helping us test; plus:

    50 Rays for being a VIP at any time during our Pre-Beta Testing (even if you upgrade now, as long as it's before Oct. 26); plus:

    50 Rays for each month the user PAID for VIP membership (no limit); plus:

    15 Rays for each month the user has had a Basic or gifted VIP membership up to a limit of 90 Rays.

    In order to receive your Bonus, you will have to log in to the 3D World at Red Light Center, Virtual-Vancouver, or Rude Virtual some time between now and the end of Member Reunion Weekend – which is to say no later than Midnight, October 26, 2008 PDT.

    I can't wait to see all my old friends at the party next weekend! If you know anyone that hasn't been here in a while, please help spread the word by letting them know!!


Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net!

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Free Zabys!
Starting today, you can select any Zaby, and it is yours for FREE for 4 weeks! In the future, only the entry-level Zaby will be free. You can get one or many Zabys, and they are all free for the first 4 weeks!

What is a Zaby and How does it Work?
Zabys are private virtual housing. Every VIP in Utherverse gets a free Zaby that they can decorate and play with. Other people can visit, and they will see some of your pictures, your friends, your profile information, and they can also meet other visitors!This way, you can really be connected to your friends, admirers, and the rest of the community! But you also have control.

You can decide who is allowed to visit, and who isn’t. You can also decide who is allowed to do what. There are many different kinds of Zabys that you can choose from, too, depending on your tastes. You can even have more than one!

How to Select your Zaby
There is now a section on your Social Center Home page that is called “Your Virtual Property”. This section shows you all of your Zabys!

If you don’t have any Zaby yet, you can click on the link at the bottom that says, “Click Here to see more Virtual Properties”

From there, you will see a list of all the Zabys that you can have. You can click to view more details, or, you can click “Purchase” to get yourself that Zaby (Don’t worry, you will have a chance to confirm your purchase before you get charged anything).

Click around, and see what Zabys suit you the best!

How to Get to Zabys
After you have Registered at least one Zaby, you can get to your own Zaby any time by going to the graphic at the upper right of your screen when you are in the World. Pull down on the Arrow that gives you the list of additional features, and select “Zaby.” You will teleport to your Zaby.

To get to another user’s Zaby, right-click on the user, and select “Go There (Zaby)” If you have permission, you will be teleported to their Zaby!

How to Pay Rent
Once your free period (if any) is over, your Zaby might have a rental cost. (Entry level Zabys are always free for VIP users).

Rent is always charged in Rays, and it is charged on a weekly basis for every Zaby that you wish to keep as an active Zaby.

If you don’t pay your rent, you can still “keep” that Zaby in your inventory, but you can’t decorate it or go there, and no one else can access it, either.

You can pay your rent up to four weeks in advance. You’ll know that you are overdue to pay rent if you see a “Rent Due” notice appear on the list of Zabys on your Home page.

To pay rent that is overdue, or to pay in advance, simply click on the Zaby that you want to pay for, and select “Rent Deposit.” If you have enough Rays, then one week of rent will be paid. (Note that once you pay rent on a Zaby, you cannot get that payment back, even if you don’t use the Zaby).

NOTE: You can only have ONE Zaby at a time that is your “DEFAULT” Zaby. That is the one that you can decorate and visit, and that other users can access. If you have more than one Zaby for which you are paying rent, you still can have only one Zaby that is accessible at a time. BUT YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED RENT FOR ALL YOUR ACTIVE ZABYS. So, if you have two Zabys, and you pay one week of rent on both of them, in one week, rent will be due again for BOTH OF THEM, even if you used only one during the week.

You can deposit up to four weeks of rent for each Zaby. That rent payment goes into a “Lock Box.” You cannot get those Rays back from the Lock Box, but each week, when your rent comes due, funds will be transferred automatically from the Lox Box to pay your rent.

How to Set your Rules
You can set all kinds of rules for your Zaby! Want friends to fly? Can they get naked? Want it to be a private pad, or a party scene? All these rules can be set by you!!

Simply click on the Zaby from your Home Page.

Then select, “House Rules”

Some default rules are already set for you, but you can change, add and delete rules.

To make easy rules, just select whether the rule is to Allow or Deny an action (Like Allow people to Fly, or Deny people access…)

Next, you will select what list the rule applies to (such as, “My Friends” or “My Ignores” or “Everyone”…)

Next, select an Action from the “Action” pull down list, and then hit “Create”

Ta Da!! New set of rules for your Zaby!!

If you want to make a very custom list, just go to where it says, “Create New List” and enter the Name of your new list (Like “Best Friends” or “Interior Designers” and then you will have the ability to start adding Usernames. This way, you can make custom lists.

So, maybe you want all of your friends to be able to get naked, but only your “Best Friends” to be able to fly in your Zaby. With a custom list, you can do that.

Also, you might want some help decorating your Zaby. Here, you can make a list of one person, or just a small group that could be, for example, “Interior Designer” and you can give permission to Decorate your Zaby!

How to Decorate your Zaby
There are some professional Zaby Designers in Utherverse, who will be happy to work with you to get an awesome Zaby customized for your tastes!

If you want to design your Zaby yourself, or even if you want to learn to become a professional designer, you will use the Design Tool called the “Prop Editor.”

The Prop Editor can be accessed only when you are in your Zaby (or, in another user’s Zaby, if you have been given permission to Decorate their Zaby). The Prop-Editor is accessed through the graphic at the top right of the screen when you are in the World. (The down-arrow for additional features will list Prop-Editor as an option. Simply select it, and you are in Prop Edit mode).
For details on how to use the Prop Editor, we have written a Quick Guide, and a full manual.

They are available online here:

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Final QA Test Tonight!

by Brian on the forums:

    This is it!

    Scripts are available for your Zaby furnishings!

    All props are in the editor!

    All final first-generation Zaby layouts are live in QA!

    Final (cosmetic) touches will be added, but otherwise, this is it!

    Barring new bugs, we will be live to production before Tuesday EOB!!

    Report bugs! Have fun! Prop Edit!!


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_RLC TV_ ®10,000 Rays Giveaway Contest has Begun!! Videos Inside!!

Here is the first videos postet in the contest:

This one is from _AIRE_ :

This one from Acty:

From SaraH__xox

Antoher one from _AIRE_

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New Zabys, MANY new items to decorate with!!

This was postet by Brian on the main boards:

    Hi Everyone,

    We are entering the final phase of Zaby testing on QA.

    On Friday, we added a bunch of new Zaby layouts, and we added almost all the items and props that will be available in the actual Zaby production release!

    So, now you can REALLY pimp out your Zaby on QA!!!

    I've still got some major surprises for Zabys before they hit production, but we are now in the final stages of testing, so if you want to have access to any of the layouts, come on over to QA and give them a try!

    NOW, I'd love to see some screen shots of what you new designers can do!!

    I am aware of some glitches in the new UI, and those are going to be nailed this week. If all goes well, Zabys are now on the fast track to production release

    Enjoy!! And post your best shots!!


Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net!

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News from Brian: ®10,000 Rays Giveaway Video Contest!!!

This was postet by Brian on the main boards:

We are going to give away ®10,000 Rays!!!


Tube sites are taking over the internet! What started out as YouTube has become a phenomenon, with hundreds of Massive Tube sites offering free videos.

Sites like and reaching the ranks of the top 100 most visited sites on the web.

We think that users of Tube sites would love to see some of the videos that our very own Red Light Center and Virtual Vancouver film-makers produce, and that is what this contest is all about.

If you can make great videos of Avatars in RLC, you could win THOUSANDS OF RAYS!!!*


This contest is open to all VIP members of Utherverse.

You simply need to create one or more videos that show avatars having fun. The videos then need to be watermarked with the URL: or the URL

You will then submit your video to Tube Sites. Note that if you choose to include scenes appropriate only for adults, you need to make sure to upload it only to sites where that content is allowed. As a matter of fact, your entry will be disqualified if you break the terms of service of any site you upload the video to (or if you break the law).

The video that gets viewed most often during the contest period will win the Individual Video Grand Prize!

The next two most viewed videos will win the second and third place prizes.

The group of videos with the most views will win the Video Group Grand Prize! (The Individual Video Grand Prize winner will not be eligible to win this prize).

The Prizes are:

- Grand Prize: ®5,000
- Second Prize: ®2,000
- Third Prize: ®1,000

- Grand Prize: ®2,000

The contest will begin on October 7, 2008, and it will end on November 7, 2008 at midnight.


1- Your videos must be at least 2 minutes and no more than 10 minutes in duration.

2- Your videos must display the watermark (or the watermark in each and every frame in a size and color that make the mark clearly noticeable and legible to viewers.

(See the main video on this site for an example: )

3- Your videos must contain at least 50% of their content from video captured within an Utherverse virtual world.

4- Your videos may not contain any copyrighted materials for which you do not own the rights. Your videos must not violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights. In fact, if you break any law in conjunction with this promotion, your video is not qualified.

5- Your videos may contain any content from within Red Light Center and the Utherverse, including any avatar or animation or group of avatars and animations, provided that all avatars whose names are shown in your video have provided you with consent to have their avatar shown in your video.

6- Your videos may not show or reference any person under 18 years of age, regardless of the manner in which such person is depicted. If documentation is required to comply with the law, you must have that documentation and provide or publish it in a manner that complies with the law.


You may submit to any tube site that allows the content you are uploading. For example, if you want to post a video that contains adult content, don't submit it to youtube. In order for the site to be qualified, however, you must post a link to the site in this thread at least 15 days before the end of this contest.

(Hint: there are now thousands of small tube sites that are happy to post adult videos, and getting high-visibility on many small sites could be a winning strategy! But remember, you have to post links to those sites here!)

Any site that is not open to any public user to submit their videos is not qualified, and video views on such sites will not be counted.

Any site that removes videos in a biased manner, or fails to allow video submissions from all users in a biased manner, or is in any other way unfair to the equality of videos that are submitted which unfairness creates a bias in favor of one or more contest participants at the expense of other contest participants shall not be qualified.

Sites that fail to post videos for legitimate reasons, such as over-submission, poor video quality, or saturation of videos of this nature may still be qualified (at the sole and absolute discretion of Utherverse Digital, Inc.). That means, that if you get your videos submitted first, and a site decides that they have as many RLC videos as they want for the month, and they refuse additional submissions solely on that basis, for example, that we may still permit views on such sites to be counted.


Upon completion of the contest, contest participants must create a single post in a thread (which thread will be created and identified as the official thread by an Utherverse Staff member) that provides a link to all the tube sites to which the contest participant has submitted their videos, as well as a direct link to each video submitted on those sites. (Specific instructions will be posted in the official thread).

This thread will be created approximately 7 days prior to the end of the contest, and it will be locked 48 hours prior to the end of the contest.

All views to videos will be counted per the reporting of the tube sites on which the videos have been posted.

All views to each video will be tallied and aggregated into a single, final “view” count for each video, and this number will be used to determine the winner.

Tube sites that do not accurately report video views, or sites which present any form of bias in the views that they report to the public, will be disqualified, and views reported from those sites will not be counted. Similarly, any site that can be easily "gamed" for extra views, or where the views can be easily manipulated, may be discounted or ignored, in our discretion, if we believe that the reported views don't actually reflect the true number of unique views of the video.


You can see some of the videos that we have created here:

Suggestions for videos that could be very compelling include the addition of real-life images and/or audio.

For example, you could produce a 3 minute video, where the first minute includes the real video of a user talking about their cyber-sex turn ons, and how they love to live out their fantasies safely and privately with their avatars, followed by two minutes of showing those fantasies in Red Light Center.

Some of the most popular videos may be showing how Virtual Vancouver or RLC have enhanced your life. You could document how you kept your marriage healthy while your spouse was overseas. You could show how you have overcome disabilities or physical challenges by turning to the virtual environment to express yourself. Let your experience show through. Show others that they too can fill needs in their lives that would be impossible to fill but for the miracle of virtual living.

You may simply want to start the video by showing pictures of yourselves as an introduction to the actors who are behind the avatars, followed by some great avatar action!

Rather than showing “chat”, you could create a video with audio of a couple engaged in a skpye chat session while they are cybering in RLC. Audio as a replacement for reading chat could be really hot!!

A video that shows real-life activities that is then followed by avatars performing the same activities could be fun.

Humorous videos showing avatars engaging in crazy, stunt-man stuff might get some views.

Anything creative that follows the rules -- including filling at least half of the run time of the video with material captured from RLC -- could be the big one!

* Note that Rays are a virtual currency only (actually, they are a limited license right to use a fictional feature of the virtual game environment, and have no inherent value). The Rays and other features of this promotion are a part of the Utherverse game environment. The Rays given out in this promotion shall not be redeemable for money or physical goods, and shall be of use only as a feature of the game and within that game environment. Our Terms of Service ( govern, and to the extent anything herein is in conflict with those Terms of Service, those Terms of Service shall prevail.

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Adult online game TV: Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl RLC Edit

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net

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