HOW-TO: Basics of Navigating Utherverse

Your mouse may also be used to navigate around the world by holding the left button down and directing the mouse where you want to go. The mouse is also used to click on objects, called props. Clicking on props will open doors, load images, movies, web sites and more. Your mouse will change when objects are clickable, letting you know you can click on the prop.

RIGHT CLICK of your mouse on another user will bring up the option to "see profile", "make friends", "ignore","invite for sex".

DEFAULT VIEW: Default is 3rd person. You may click on the 1st button in the bottom navigation to toggle to 1st person view. Clicking it again will bring you back to 3rd person. If the arrow keys do not respond, you've probably lost focus on the software. Click on the main screen with your mouse and then try again. Scrolling on your mouse wheel will also allow you to zoom in and out on, switching from 1st to 3rd view.

DOORS: To open a door, walk up to it and then click on it. It may take up to 30 seconds for a door to open initially, as new information is loading.

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CHAT: To chat in the public chat room, click on the chat button in the top navigation. For private chat, click on friends, also in the top navigation and click the private chat button next to the user's name you would like to have a private chat with.
We will now boot on the first offense for not speaking English Only in the main chat. We're getting too many people speaking different languages and not listening to our Moderators when requested to move those conversations to private chat. The Red Light Center main chat is for English only. You may speak whatever language you wish in Red Light Center private chat.

IGNORE USERS: To ignore a user, right click on their avatar and then choose the "Add to Ignores" option. You will no longer receive messages from them or be able to see them inside the world

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