How-to Download Red Light Center

The Download

First you need to download Red Light Center, the link to Red Light Center Download can lead you there. Do not be surprised by the size of the download as Red Light Center is a fully configured gaming program and contains a lot of graphics. After downloading and installing, proceed with creating a user account.

The following procedure will allow you to create your basic account so then you can log in to the Virtual World Server so you can communicate with other people in the Virtual World.

After you accept the terms and conditions, you will be taken to the logon screen. On the bottom left of the logon screen, there's a button that says "Create Account". This will allow you to create your username and password.Username - Enter your desired username. This is the name that users will see above your head when you walk in the world. This is also the name that will be used in your profile. Your selection of name is important as Red Light Center is a social game, although it maybe be fun, a name like "I_am_stupid" or "Girls_sucks" may affect your relationships in Red Light Center.

Email Address - Enter your email address. We will send a confirmation email with your username and password to you. It is very important that you enter a valid email address because that is where we'll send your username/password if you should lose it.

Password - Enter your desired password. We recommend using something secure that includes both upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers. Passwords should not be actual names, places or words which can be found in a dictionary.

Once you have created your account, enter your email and password on the bottom right of the logon screen and hit Log On. This will check your status (basic or VIP) and log you into the world. VIP members have access to certain rooms and actions that are not available to basic users. You can become VIP immediately by clicking on the VIP button but we recommend you take a walk through the Red Light Center first and familiarize yourself with our software.

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