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The Leukemia-Lymphoma Society (http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org) is the designated charity of ClubRLC.com and its affiliated networks. This New Years Eve, we are trying to accomplish something that has never been done before to benefit this honorable and worthwhile charity which has special significance to myself and so many others.

From 1AM on Dec 31 til 5AM on Jan 1, ClubRLC will be running its 2nd Annual NEW YEARS ROUND THE WORLD event in Temptations. Our goal: 28 hours, 24 DJs, ®10,000.00 RAYS for charity. In order to make this happen, we're pulling out all the stops and asking everyone we know and even those of you we don't know yet to help us make this happen:

- Some DJs will be auctioning off private party gigs to the highest bidders
- Some DJs will strip live in-club during their New Years gigs for rays
- Some are offering to sing karaoke on the air in exchange for meeting specific donation targets during their shifts
- DJ Whisp has thrown down the gauntlet and will not only match every ray donated by her listeners up to the first ®1,000.00, but if that goal of ®1,000.00 is reached will finally say the word FUCK on the air for the first time LOL
- Rays for Requests (®5.00 per song) throughout the event
- ClubRLC will be giving away FREE ClubRLC Profile Players (a ®70.00 value) to anyone who donates ®50.00 or more during the event.
- Drew and the Events Team will also be in the house running a Kissing Booth, Find and Fuck, and other fun events for the assembled partiers to help raise additional funds

We would like to ask all of you to join us in the fight against Leukemia by doing one or more of the following:

- Join us on New Years Eve and support one or more of the various DJs by donating during their shifts and participating in the events and contests
- If you are a club or business owner, we would be happy to accept donations of goods or services (one month's dim rental? Zaby makeover? leased space for an event? wedding photo service?) that we can auction off during the event live.
- Or if you would just like to contribute rays toward our ®10,000.00 goal, you can submit them directly to ClubRLC's profile (NOT mine please!) at http://www.utherverse.co....aspx?MemberID=91164639

This is an officially sanctioned RLC charity event. All donations will be collected via the ClubRLC profile account, which is currently Basic. The account will be VIP'd for 30 days for the sole purpose of cashing out the collected donations and withdrawing via check, at which time the donation will be made and the receipt posted on both the profile and this forum so everyone can see where their donations have gone. RLC is aware of and has approved this method for assuring donors that their donations wil not be misappropriated.

Those of you who were around long enough to have been at last years' New Years event in the hotel lobby know that its the biggest bash in RLC and not to be missed ... we decided to take it to the next level this year and put that power to use for the benefit of a worthwhile cause.

Please ... join us and make our ®10,000.00 dream a reality

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