Auction Tonight @ Silken Exposure 8pm EST
Hi All come join us Tonight Ladies if you want to be apart of the Auction please sign up using the link at the bottom of this page Smile and Guys come along and Bid you could Win a date with one of the hottest women in RLC

Ladies that wish to Sign up : You only agree to go on a date and spend time with the winner. You are not obligated to perform anything sexually or romantically with the winner unless you specify thats what you are offering at the Time of the Auction. (date must last a min of 1 hour max 2 hours or as you specify)

Guys that Bid : you will be Bidding for a max of a 2 hour Date what you will do on that date depends on what the lady specify's she is offering.
(you will be told at the auction who at Silken Exposure to pay and all payments must be in before you can go on the date arrange with the woman you Bid on)

Ladies should the link on the sign not work please go to :

Thank you Jack_Jaguar on on behalf of Silken_Exposure

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