5 DAYS of NIGHT in Virtual-Vancouver

For 5 whole days, Virtual Vancouver will be transformed into the ultimate block party! The sky will be set to night throughout the week, and greeters (Sideah, LauraLittle, eliza_birmingham, and RobbinR) will be there at different times throughout the day to hold contests and award rays.

Check in with the greeters to find out what's going on and when, or just hang out in Virtual Vancouver so you don't miss anything. There will be costume contests, maze challenges (wait until you see the Menotaur!), trivia, hide and go seek, and lots more!

We've got a haunted house (with a dance floor), a haunted maze, decorations, and spooky fog.

This will last all of next week, monday to friday, and then day will break again. Also: watch out for bats flapping around the street, they've been known to get stuck in people's hair.

We'll be rounding people up and meeting at the Haunted House in Virtual Vancouver on Oct. 26th at 11:30AM (PST) to kick things off officially! See ya there.

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