New Ray Earning System in Utherverse

60 Pics @ 0.05(R) per day
20 Profile views @ 0.10(R) per day
10 Profile rates @ 0.10(R) per day ( Down from 20)
3 Social Center logons @ 0.25(R) per day
2 World Logons @ 1.25(R) per day

Further, posting a blog seems to give you 1.00 Rays, but only once every 48 hours instead of the old 24 hours.

You do still get 1 Ray for rating 4 blogs a day.

You used to get up to 5 Rays for your profile being viewed at 0.05 Rays a pop for 100 views. Now it stops at 1 ray for 20 views in the same 24 hour period.

Also, you used to get up to 2.5 Rays for your blog being rated (0.05Rays per time at 50 times a day) now it is 0.05 Rays 10 times a day

you still do appear to get 0.25 Rays per pic (used to be 40 per month not sure of new number).

Comes up to 12.25 Rays a day maximum (not counting the unreliable pic uploads) now. This is 367.5 Rays a month.

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