MankindTracer Live in Utherverse!!!!
MankindTracer ( Seth Regan in RL ) will be performing the first EVER live music show here in Utherverse on December 18 at 7pm and Virtual Vancouver's Amphitheather... Streaming LIVE from San Diego, CA!

In Second Life, Seth, also as Mankind Tracer, has built an incredible name for himself as the top live performer for over three years. He has an amazing global fanbase and following and we're hoping that the family he builds here in Utherverse will be equally as fun and looney!

I am on Mankind's Management Team (as my name indicates) and respectfully ask that you please show your support for this brave and hopefully successful move into UV by Seth Regan by wearing the tag "FOM" after your name - Friends of Mankind. He is a truly good man, honest and genuine. You'll get to see that at his shows :-)

Let's build the FOM Family and enter this new phase of UV's evolution together!



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