Utherverse Events Schedule-November 17, 2009
Terrible Tuesday Movie Night!
Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000?!?
Utherverse is proud to bring you the best of the worst movies and we want your commentary!!!
Hits, Misses, and Disses … best diss could score you some rays! We want to get your thoughts in the general chat.
Find out what's playing this week @ http://www.utherverse.co...vents/terribletuesdays/
Location: Century Theater 1
Times:2am,5am,8am,11am,2pm,5pm,8pm,11pm PST
Dimension: Standard
Language: English
Every Tuesday!

Teeny Tiny Tuesday
A micro-friendly nightclub 24/7, on Tuesdays we invite everyone to join us for Teeny Tiny Tuesday
Time: all day
Venue: Eclipse Nightclub
Dimension: standard
Language: English

6:00 - 9:00 pm PT-- Wings On Flame
Venue: Club Epsilon
Dimension: standard
Language: English
Dress code: Wear wings.
Games: Music trivia.
15 songs are played and whoever gets the most artists correct wins 100 rays.

6:00 - 9:00 pm PT-- Singles Nite with Trixie
_Trixie_ streaming live for Singles Nite from 7MM - access 7MM
through any of the House of 7 clubs (Oasis7, 7Sands, Studio7, 7th Street
Venue: 7MM
Dimension: standard
Language: English

6:00 pm PT--: Tuesday Night Skate Party With Halcyon!!
Every Tuesday!!!
Time: 6pm - till you drop!
Venue: Vancouver Roller Rink
Dimension: standard
Language: English
Everyone Is Welcome To Come Have A Night Of Fun, Friends, Music, And Laughter!!!

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