WG Auction THIS FRIDAY, January 15th at MaskTV Mansion!
Red Light Center, MaskTV Mansion
and the WG Board and Committee Present:

Working Girl/Guy Date Auction
Friday, January 15th, 2009 - 11am and 3pm pst
Located at MaskTV Mansion

Information for VIP's:

If you are a VIP Member you are eligible to bid on any of the WG participants.
Bids start at 50 Rays for an one (1) hour date.
You must be present at MaskTV Mansion during the auction to bid.
No silent or emailed bids accepted.

Information for WG's:

You may enter either the 11am or the 3pm pst auction but not both.
Limited to a max of 20 entries per auction. Order is determined by sign-up.
WG's keep 100% of Rays you are auctioned for.
WG Board member SachaKinksky is serving as sign-up coordinator.
Please PM or Email SachaKinksky to reserve your spot.

Further Details:

Two auctioneers will be present to ensure a smooth and prompt auction.
Rays will be paid to a WG board member, who will in turn forward them to the appropriate WG.
Listing of sign-up's and auction order is available on SachaKinksky's Blog.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the auction!

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