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J-O-B Vacancies

if ur interested, please contact the person/people indicated in the poster.
by sending message tru their profiles and set appointment.

at Slims Graffito
looking for a Few Good People. Do you have what it takes
Host or Hostess / Manager on Duty Job Description for Slim’s Graffito
The following Traits should be Imperative in filling such position:
• A Knowledge and understanding of the PE Property Editor.
To be used to transfer setups between DJ’s and club Streaming Music via Jukeboxes.
As well as knowledge of PE in handling other situations that may a rise example: Client may want champagne or drink delivered to their location IE Table.
• A keen Knowledge of the club and layout of club and Nuances, This will be trained during orientation of property.
• Hospitality is Paramount in the success of this Venture. Making all guest feel welcome and special.
Example; greeting them as they arrive by name an offering them assistance by way of explaining amenities available.
Keeping an up beat environment for all to enjoy. Reminding people to landmark property.
Encourage them to friend SlimWhitman_CEO as well as yourself to be updated on coming special events.
• Able to Multitask such as running ray contest keeping a list of winners of contest so the owner may correctly pay winners.
Also keeping and I on DJs make sure they are always Playing Up beat tunes.
Average visitor stays 11 minutes we want them to stay longer and come back often. As well listed items of responsibilities above.
• Broadcasting Thru PM to others to encourage them to join in the fun.
• To have the ability and knowledge to create and post (Bulletins) events happening in within the Slim’s Graffito Property.
• Be able handle problems that may arise in the club knowing when to boot or negotiate.
Having proper evidence IE Screen shots before Booting. Knowing How to Keep people Happy.
Extras that may come in handy but not necessary for job in for your position:
Have an attractive, friendly and stylish, be an Avi who people gravitate too..
Have a large Following or Friends list where people want to be where you are because they know that’s where the action is.
Believe in the club have open Dialog with Owner discus what you think may bring in more or what is keeping people away.
Make Graffito Your hang out in off hours.
Benefits: A Fare Pay schedule Paid by Shifts which run 3- 5 Hours at a fare wage TBD with candidate.
I love Bonuses I love to Give Bonuses. Prove to me you are getting people here and they are staying for awhile you will get a Bonus.
I have several suites still in need of designing.
If you want to play in them with Deco and you can create a Love Suite that I want to use in club it will be named after u
and a bonus will follow.
I you think you have what it takes contact SlimWhitman_CEO for an interview So that you maybe added to the list of Canidates
Thank You, SlimWhitman_CEO

at 12Plays

at Club Cum Correct

at Pink Pussy

at Xanadu

if u wanna check out the place of u wish to be part of, u can access them tru YELLOW ROAD Teleports & Directories
for FAST DIRECT PORT InWORLD, type in ur url bar --> vww://utherverse.vww/@159446 then click GO

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If you have any further questions, feedbacks or suggestions.Pls make all inquires via this profile, YellowRoad_Ports

Thank you & have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY Smile

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