FantasyLand is finally here!!!!
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Today (March 1st) is the long awaited Grand Opening of FantasyLand! Since I attempted to build FantasyLand in a zaby before the whole VWW thing came about, it's been about 6 months in the making and now it's finally here!

We have over 40 fantasy themed environments to choose from...whatever role u feel like portraying, we have the setting for U! Most everything is free!!! This opening week FantasyLand itself is also free!!! Free to get in and free to explore!

It get's even better!... Starting tomorrow, we'll have 2 ever increasing Jackpots in a chance to win 75 rays (so far) in each contest! Here are the details...
Contest #1- "Can u find where I left my vibrator?"...Somewhere in FantasyLand or one of it's properties (hint- not in a club), a vibrator has been hidden in plain sight, meaning it's not hidden in anything or to where u can't see it. It may be behind something, in front of it, below it, above it but u'll be able to see it. It's the natural size, shape and color (chrome) as the day it came out of the prop editor. First person to tell me where it is and/or take a pic of it and send it to me gets the prize! If no one finds it, the contest will continue along with the jackpot. Everyone is eligible...
Contest #2- "Photo contest"... The first person to take a pic of them having sex on every bed and sex object in FantasyLand gets the next jackpot! This means every cross, wriststrap, lapdance chair, bed and rope u can find...However there are hidden sex spots to look for as well as most chairs are lapdance chairs so u must be a detailed sex addict to find them Please note, the following places are exempt from this contest... G's, Eiffel Tower, Embers, Hot Wild Nights, Exclusive World Transport, Jewel's School of Design and the Hard Cock Cafe. You're welcome together and enjoy urselves but no need to send those pics.

To get to FantasyLand, type LatinLover_OG or Jewels1908 into the zaby elevator or type vww://utherverse.vww/@1444/@118313 into ur taskbar for transport. Doors are also available in many places including Mr. Lix's transport.
Also tomorrow is the Grand Opening of Hot Wild Nights available thru FantasyLand! We're gonna be partying it up in there if not enjoying a fantasy or two...wink, so look for me at FantasyLand or Hot Wild Nights tomorrow but u should see both Also availabe in FantasyLand is Satin and K's Eiffel Tower...U can go there and pic out a fantasy outfit to enjoy and head back to FantasyLand for some more fun, smiles. TT's Embers Club and some other properties are available thru FantasyLand as well, look for them...

We also now have access to Jewel's School of Design which offers design classes daily for any designer and any level from beginner to expert to help u become the best designer u can to become a success. There are also oppurtunities for anyone interested in teaching design and keeping half of the rays! Contact Jewels1908 for more info..

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game on the net!