Grand (re)Opening Impulse NightClub by The Freedom Girls - Friday March 19 from 3:00 pm PST
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Hello eveverybody !!

Tonite from 3:00 pm PST is the Grand Opening of Impulse NighClub (see flyer under in this bulletin).
This is also the occasion for the Freedom Girls to offer you some entertainment.

We are performing a fun contest and trivia game.
Hereunder you'll find our new poster, with all our members represented.
Answering TWO questions, you'll be able to win one of the three prices here offered.
First price: a VIP with immediate effect if you're age verified.
Second price: a private party with the Freedom Girls at their Residence.
Third price: a slow dance with ALL Freedom Girls.
All participants will get from us our dedicated poster signed by evey girl.

Here are the two questions:
Question 1:
On the poster that represent the Freedom Girls, please name all of thme from LEFT to RIGHT.

Question 2:
Adding the lifetime af all Freedom Girls, send the number you will get.

Please send your answers by email to the Freedom_Girls profile.

During the party, HeadDikInCharge will perform a trivia game about the Freedom Girls and other interesting things with rays to give away.

Headdikincharge will let you know for the end of the party who are the winners of our contest: be there or be nowhere !!!!

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game