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Each week as you know we throw a party at the MaskTV Mansion on RLC Street, and each week, I enjoy speaking in PM with fellow party peeps at the Mansion. Over the months one theme keeps popping up. MaskTV also exists in the real world, and I'm asked frequently how did that shoot come about, or what were they really like, what was the worse thing that happened on set . I think you get the picture ..

Well each week I'll post something here, which I hope you find entertaining and thought provoking. It will also be available in my blog at

MaskTV "All Out Orgy" starring Terry Long, Charisma, Trey, Nautika, Raven

I remember at this time we were working from the Park Plaza building at 666 Burrard, Vancouver BC one of BC's most affluent office towers, we had shared offices and I got a call from the receptionist saying I had a visitor. I always used to make appointments with potential MaskTV candidates so I had no idea who was there. The receptionist just said, he says "he's spoken with Keath"

OK I thought, and I went to get him. I was greeted by a large person, someone who like lots of hot dinners and puddings, would be the way to describe him. He came into my office and sat down. He said "I have no computer "so he had written it out. It simply said " I want an orgy please". Oh I said..I did not want to offend him but, I knew it was going to be a hard task for me to arrange, simply because I would have to find talent and I knew they would be uncomfortable. I can't remember exactly what I sad to him, but I tactfully suggested that he would have a better experience, if he got a haircut, perhaps a tan, and pushed a few pounds in the gym, because the girls were very demanding, and if he really wanted to create an authentic orgy, he should address those first.
One year later Terry walked back on the day of his shoot. He was tanned, trim, in a black tight T shirt and jeans. A huge smile on his face, and said "do you this the girls would approve?" hell yes I said and I gave him a big hug and said come "let's get you down to the studio and get this show on the road "


Remember nothings too kinky for MaskTV

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game