Introducing the Universal JoPs - official Weddings in Utherverse & VWWs
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Starting today we have a new form of JoP available in Utherverse that will perform official Weddings in all of Utherverse including all VWWs; these JoPs are called Universal JoPs.

While we transition, we will continue to have the JoPs you are already familiar with, as well as the Universal JoPs that we have introduced. In 6 months time only Universal JoPs will be the official JoPs of Utherverse.
So for the time being, we will have 2 different Wedding forms.

The Universal JoPs can perform official Weddings in Utherverse including all VWWs.

The Utherverse JoPs perform as before official Weddings only in RLC, Virtual Vancouver and Rude.

We made the procedure for the Universal Weddings as easy and fast as possible for you Smile

How to get married with the Universal JoP's

In order to arrange a Wedding ceremony in Utherverse (including VWW's) you need to:

- follow the rules and regulations how to set up an event

- make your own arrangements with the venue(s) you would like to use and set your Universal Wedding up in the Events

- Please note that venues which are not licensed / registered by yourself, will have to be approved by the individual Licensee.

- contact the Universal JoP of your choice directly over the social center page to arrange your ceremony.

Please find all JoPs here: 

Wedding fees:
Please transfer the rays directly to the Universal JoP of your choice for your Wedding ceremony - fees may vary depending on the JoP. Your Universal JoP will set up the ceremony for you and take care of that it will be listed on the official Wedding page.

Ray transfer:
Please note that the JoP can not issue refunds if you can not be located due to a name change. Ensure that all your information is up to date and accurate.
When you transferring rays for your wedding, ensure that the date of the wedding, at least one name and the reason for the rays transfer (Wedding, privately licensed venue fees ect.) are clearly marked. Failure to do so may result in delays and lost rays.

Name Changes:
Refrain from name changes during the Wedding process as we are unable to alter user names once the intial wedding application has been received and approved. Note: If you change your name before the wedding the JoP will be unable to contact you, as he only has the original name on file. Furthermore, if the JoP can not find you on your Wedding day due to a name change, there will be no refund. It is in your responsibility to make sure you can be contacted, found and that you inform all in your Wedding involved of any potential change.

Please cancel directly with the Universal JoP.

Refunds / Postponements:

Please inform yourself about the regulations of any Universal JoP regarding refunds or postponements.
You can find those info on each Universal's JoP social center page.

Waiting Period:

The venue Licensee is responsible for the approval process, this is now at the discretion of the venue and the Universal JoP.

As soon as your venue is approved and showing in the calendar you can get married by an available Universal JoP.
Certain venues are privately licensed and permission must be sought from the Primary Licensee before an event can be held. This may delay the time in arranging your event. The venue may also be subject to a fee per use for all events. This fee will determined by the individual Licensee(s) of that venue. Venues such as Blus, Fever and the Hotel etc. are public and are not subject to any fees for use of the venue.

The Wedding procedures for Weddings with the Utherverse JoPs stay as is and you can find all info here: 

This does not apply for Weddings that are already in progressSmile

Wedding & Event Manager
- World Development -
Utherverse® Digital Inc.
mail to:

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