It's that time again.....Thursday.....Toweling off, Welcoming new Peeps and eating candy ay Nite!!!!
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Towel Off Thursday

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010, 12:30pm pst, Sun & Moon Baths, RLC
‘Grind From Behind’ @ The Sun and Moon Baths in RLC! Come and celebrate our new dance animation! You guessed it - Grind From Behind. So leave that towel at home and maybe just bring your hips and your extra dips and get ready to lean back into our new dance animation or be the one enjoying the back end of things! LOL backin’ on up is DJ_Sideshow_Bill

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Thursday is 'Ladies Night' at Night Candy in RLC. It's all about the ladies, oh what a night!!
"Girls, y'all got one
A night that's special everywhere
From New York to Hollywood
It's ladies night and girl
the feeling's good....."

See ya all there dressed to impress I'm sure!

Utherverse wants to welcome you if you are new - to the 'Utherverse Welcome Party!' Or of course welcome back to the party if you have already been! The more the merrier - new to world or you know your way around - this is a wicked party that DJ Mano rocks every week!! He knows what to play and he knows just what to say to make you feel welcome! We are so happy you are here! So see ya there! vww://utherverse.vww/salsa

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