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Wacked Out Wednesday presents ‘Doomsday Machine’ @ Century Theater, RLC, 2pm pst

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - - vww://utherverse.vww/strand1

Diss this! ‘Doomsday Machine’, 1972, Sci Fi/Horror - Spies discover that the Red Chinese have built a "doomsday machine" capable of destroying the surface of the Earth, and that they plan to use it within a matter of days. Meanwhile, Project Astra, a manned U.S. space mission to Venus, is in its final hours before launch when it is taken over by the military and nearly half of its all-male crew is replaced by women. The reason for this becomes apparent when, shortly after Astra leaves orbit, the Earth is completely destroyed in a global cataclysm! Is the human race doomed? What dangers and wonders await the crew of the Astra on their journey to Venus?


Wicked Wednesday presents ‘Wish List’ @ The Winter Workshop, VV, 4pm pst

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 - - vww://utherverse.vww/@157723

You better not pout you better not cry, you better come to this party and I’m tellin’ you why! It is Wicked Wednesday, you know what these parties are all about…..a whole lot of Hump Day celebrations! At the Winter Workshop there’s snow on the ground just outside the window, but inside everything is melting like hot buttah! Take a break from rippin’ it up on the dance floor to see what those hard working elves are making you for Xmas. The Barbies are stopping by to spread the merry with their festive moves. You are on DJ_PanthR’s list. Sponsor giveaways by The Naughtique and Tattoons.


Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game