We are going to go from pretty evil to very musical all in one afternoon!
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Wacked Out Wednesday, 'Messiah of Evil', Century Theater, RLC, October 27th, 2pm pst

A small coastal town in California is the setting for an odd, creepy story. When Arletty (Marianna Hill) arrives, looking for her father, she quickly learns little is as it seems. Beneath the idyllic seaside village, a rot has begun to take hold. Folks speak in guarded, awkward tones, they spend endless hours on the beach at night, staring off into the ocean. Some have even developed a taste for raw meat. When she mee
ts the town drunk (played by Elisha Cook, Jr, of course) and a trio of prying tourists led by Thom (Michael Greer), the sinister history of the town starts to reveal itself. Messiah of Evil is one of the most unusual of early-seventies horror films. Taking some cues from Night of the Living Dead, it creates its own unique blend of horror and political commentary.



Utherverse Karaoke is coming to you every Wednesday at a different venue. Check this page often to find out where the event will be! We know you sing it loud and proud in your shower so why not bring out your inner Mariah, Whitney or Celine at Utherverse Karaoke! Even if your dog wants to howl along, we want to hear what YOU’VE got!


YOU MUST have a Mic. No need to pre register, JUST SHOW UP at the designated venue the day of the event.

But first a few easy steps:·

Go to http://www.singsnap.com, sign up for account, record your song.

Show up at the Amphitheater on either dates with your LINK

It's that simple!

This week’s event will be held inside BBQUES - - vww://utherverse.vww/@24569/@229060

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online game