List of Available Tips
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Hey guys, 

There was a suggestion made that we should publish all of our available Tips that show during the 3D World loading screens, so this thread is to fulfill that request.

Below you'll find a text list of all the Tips that show in loading screens in the World. 

If you'd like to suggest a edit to a current Tip, please copy and paste that Tip into your post, along with your edit, so we can keep everything organized. 

If you have a fresh Tip that isn't included yet, say that in your post as well, so we know there's something to add, not to change. 

Here's the list

You can advertise your own event by in-world. Information at:

You can see where all of your friends are in-world by clicking on the Friends tab 

To add a friend, right click on their avatar and choosing “Add To Friends”

You can invite someone to dance by right clicking on their avatar and choosing ‘Invite To Dance”

You can hold hands with someone by right clicking their avatar and choosing “Invite to Hold Hands”

To private message someone right click their avatar and choose “Private Message”

General Chat is the bottom left box of your screen. Everyone in your region can chat in that box.

Private chat boxes will appear in tabs beside the Local chat.

You can build your own private apartment called a Zaby. Visit the Zaby Lobby for more details

There are always events happening in-world visit the events calendar at often.

Volunteers are in-world to help you with anything you need. Their badges appear in yellow.

To customize your avatar’s looks and clothing further click on the torso on the top right of your screen

To view someone’s Social Center profile, right click their avatar and choose “Profile”.

There is a fun casino in Utherverse called the Tiberius Casino that has many table games and slot machines.

Your avatar is completely customizable and can even get naked. Click on the clothes the avatar on the top right of your screen is wearing.

Basic members are in green; VIP members are in yellow.

Check your profile anytime by clicking “My Profile” at the top of the screen

The Utherverse currency is called Rays. You can check your Rays balance in the Social Center.

Chips are used to play in the casino. You can buy Chips with Rays, but you can’t turn Chips back into Rays.

To bookmark a region you like click “Landmarks” and then Create while in the space.

To go back to the previous region you were in click the back button (blue back arrow on top left of screen)

Clicking the “Explore” button gives 3 different ways to see what is happening in the world at any time.

For easy access to commonly used actions use the Quick Bar. All actions are listed under the forward button on the top right of the screen.

Some actions you can put in your Quick Bar include: juggling, skateboarding, rollerblading, hugging, kissing and playing guitar.

You can get to the Transport Center at any time by clicking the house on the top left of your screen.

You can use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom your view of the world in and out

Hold your left mouse key down and move your mouse to change your perspective of the world

Use the arrow keys to move your avatar around the world.

To get rid of all badges, chat boxes and writing on the screen, press F9 (press it again to bring it back).

To change regions hold the cursor over a doorway and a door will appear. Left click the door and your will transported

To sit down put your mouse over a seat and a chair will appear. Left click and you will be seated.

Put your mouse over a drink to pick it up. When you see the beer glass, left click and you will be holding the glass.

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