5th Anniversary of Club Silken Exposure - this Sunday, June the 1st from 8pm EST!
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We are going to be celebrating 5th anniversary of Silken Exposure this Sunday - June the 1st. Party for 6 hours with 2 brilliant DJs, 2 fantastic hosts and 4 of the hottest dance teams. If you ever been close to this club, and i know many people have, over those 5 years, i hope we can meet there at least for a few If you've never been there, maybe its a good chance to check how it is to party Silken's style
Schedule of the event 8pm - 2am EST :
8pm - 11pm : Caden on the mic, party hosted by Holly K
following dance teams will be performing 1 hour each :
TNT : 8-9pm
Fly Girls : 9-10pm
Peep Show : 10-11pm
11pm - 2am : AnnieSweetANGEL on the mic, party hosted by Girlfriend_KG
Synsation dance team on the stage for 2 hours 11-1


Very special occasion, Annie is returning to Silken for one more night to celebrate with the club she has been with for 3 years of her DJ career on RLC. Probably really last chance to enjoy her show, i am personaly so happy and proud she decided to come back for this one more night. Thank you Annie.
Caden is returning to Silken after over 2 years and i cannot wait this also. I have no doubts that people who used to be regulars at Silken in the past will have their sentimental journey, listening to those 2 amazing DJs.
I know i will.
Big thank you to everyone who attends events at Silken Exposure and supports this club, in the past and now. Who hangs out there even if there is no DJ nor games at the moment, just to be with friends, enjoying friendship and good fun.
Thank you to the founders of Silken Exposure (i wonder if they knew they were opening a club that will make so long here) and ex owners and current owner, for giving a place to many people who may call it 'my spot - my home' in RLC.
Wishing you next 5 years Silken!

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