Southern Cross the best Southern Rock club in RLC

Dark Angel Entertainment is proud to welcome you once again to Southern Cross ! For the finest in Southern rock music for your listening pleasure. A classic southern atmosphere so prevalent where some of the greatest Southern Rock bands got their start.
From the Allman Brothers Band to ZZ Top you can hear it all. Requests are welcomed ! Every Saturday night from 8:00pm edt until 11:00pm edt we will rock you !
Just remember: "Music is LifeWe are non-vip friendly and our only rule is "have fun!" We are drama free and invite everyone to come join us.

If you're not familiar with Southern rock this is your opportunity to see what a truly great music genre it is. So come relax, keep calm, and lose yourself in the music! Hope to see you there Southern Cross welcomes you one and all! Come in,relax and lose yourself in the music, as here at SC Music is LifeThe SC staff Lady Dark Angel,DestinysAngel,Blues Gurl, 13ice13,LissamaJoleen and JoleenamaLissa will all be happy to help you in any way they can .

The Southern Rock sound began in the deep south around 1969 blending guitar driven 'rock' with elements of blues, boogie, and to a lesser extent (heard in the vocals), country and soul.The Allman Brothers Band is credited with founding the style and were soon followed by artists like The Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie, Grinderswitch, and Barefoot Jerry

.By 1970 a greater 'hard-rock' sound evolved with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet,The Outlaws, Blackfoot, and a greater 'pop' sound from Atlanta Rhythm Section, TheOzark Mountain Daredevils, and theAmazing Rhythm Aces.

The golden age of Southern Rock faded by the '80s, but a loyal following, offshoot bands, and a handfull of newer artists keep the style alive.
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