In a world full of hatred, racism, mistrust and misogyny, there shines a beacon. A beacon that shines brightly, that never sleeps.
It is the beacon of music, and the unity of all music loving people.
Underneath the wings of freedom, love and sound, are people enjoying the one and true sound of friendship. Born to love, born to dance. You are welcome.
This, this is Cinnabar.

Following the 4th May 2017 launch of Sensation, honouring Cinnabar's anniversary, Peoples Award for Best Club 2017 and owners birthday, and due to overwhelming demand:

Cinnabar is proud to present: ​SUMMER SENSATION

brought to you sponsored by D&D (Stefffia), Claudio, Love_Design, Lexi_L, Celine_Gucci, Strass, Demi_Fashion _F3T and a host of other sponsors. In real, Cinnabar in Stevenage, UK is also co sponsoring and will be joined to us via live link during the event.

Yes, we are doing it again, in one of the newest, most spectacular and Epic scale venues in the Utherverse. We are celebrating Summer. This is for EVERYONE.

There will be gifts, giveaways, and rays. It is also John Stone's birthday. The adrenaline, fun and banter will be thick and fast as always.

We will be hosting FIVE DJs in this event:

Pre Party

7.00pm GMT / 8.00pm CET / 2.00pm EST - DJ TEMPI


8.00pm GMT / 9.00pm CET / 3.00pm EST - DJ ERIKD, DJ CASS, DJ JOHN STONE

After Party

12.00am GMT / 1.00am CET / 4.00pm EST - DJ TOM HAWKINS

The WildKatz and the award winning Candies will be performing throughout the evening in a FULL dance team capacity.

Its how we party in Cinnabar. Its not quiet.

Come and enjoy the party in the #1 independent and most technologically advanced club in RLC, where we really do DJ what you see as well as what you hear - because we can.


Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online universe

Check out Red Light Center here The number one adult online universe